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Genealogy OVERWHELM?
Need help finding, managing & organizing your Family History?

Valerie can help you do something powerful with your genealogy! 

Who is Valerie Elkins?

Valerie Elkins family history strategist, author, legacy expert, genealogist

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Family History Can Be...

It requires strategy

Wouldn't it be great to have someone that could make it easier?Let me help. I would love to be your family history
strategist & coach!

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Here is What You Can Expect

Get Seen

I will show you how to get your family to actually look at your family history. I promise that they will be excited about their genelogy and want to know more. No more dreaded eye-rolling or bored family members.

Create Connection & Belonging

I offer one-on-one and group Family History Strategic Coaching. All classes will have access to all the available tools, technology, and templates that I use for clients, as well as how to make cherished family history treasures. Whether the medium is a book, a movie, or other personalized treasures, you will receive expert guidance and support through every step of telling your family's story. 

Unlock the power of your family history and create a lasting legacy with Family History Strategic Coaching. Cherish your family history by doing something POWERFUL with it. I would love to show you how. 

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Valerie Elkins

I'm Valerie Elkins, a professional genealogist, author, and family historian who is passionate about helping people find their family stories. I understand that family histories are a valuable way to preserve our past and to learn more about who we are. Children especially need these stories to help them be resilient and develop grit.

I have spoken across the globe, and I have been featured in magazines, newspapers, national television programs, and family history conferences. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share the stories of so many people. I can help you uncover your family’s stories and share them in meaningful and powerful ways.

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