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Valerie became fascinated with her family history when she was a young girl. Family tradition had it that her great, great grandmother was an Indian princess, (a story started by said grandmother no less). 

Raised in a family that moved like migratory birds, Valerie latched onto this story. She spent hours reading about horses and Indians –– just in case the tribe should ever need her to come and take her rightful place on the throne!

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By the time she found out that there was no such thing as Indian royalty, it was too late - she was hooked!

Valerie is a professional genealogist, family history and legacy expert, presenter, writer, and lover of great stories. She uses her two decades of experience and training to enable others to find the joy of knowing their family story and preserving it in creative and meaningful ways.

Valerie was an international research specialist at the FamilySearch Library [formerly known as The Family History Library], in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

She has served on several genealogy boards of directors, including the Association of Professional Genealogists. and the Utah Genealogy Association.

Valerie is a frequent speaker and has presented both nationally and internationally on a variety of family history subjects.

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Valerie has not only spoken at Rootstech 10 times but has served as an ambassador and influencer for Rootstech, the largest family history conference in the world, began.

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